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Inoran (JP)

Inoran (井上清信 - Inoue Kiyonobu) is a Japanese rhythm guitarist, singer-songwriter, and record producer, born on September 29, 1970 in Hadano, Kanagawa, Japan. He has shown to be one of the most gifted and inspired Japanese (pop) rock artists, both in a band or solo. His music varies from instrumental, ambient, trip hop, to various genres of rock music.

Along his middle-high school friend Jun Onose ( J), he is the main founder of the Japanese rock band LUNA SEA, formed in 1989. Inoran was the rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist. When the band had a one year break in 1997, he collaborated with various artists and released his debut album. The band would last until 2000, when they decided to pursue their solo careers and perha...

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