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Metal Rules


There are multiple artists with this name:

1) Wolf is a heavy metal band from Sweden (active).

Current line-up:
Niklas "Viper" Olsson – Lead Guitars & Vocals
Anders "Tornado" Modd – Bass
Richard "Raptor" Holmgren – Drums
Simon Johansson – Guitar

2) Wolf is a heavy/speed metal group from Japan (Currently disbanded). For this specific band, please change your tags to WOLF.

3) Wolf is a NWOBHM band from Cheshire, UK (disbanded).

4) Wolf is a NWOBHM band from Newcastle, UK. Previously known as Black Axe. (disbanded)

5) Wolf is a black metal outfit from Germany.

6) Wolf is the stagename of a demoscene musician, Maarten van Strien. He predominantly...

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Gormathon started as a band in February 2009, by Stefan Jonsson (guitar), Tony Sandberg (drums) and Tony Sunnhag (bass and vocals). They began to write music based on the idea to create metal close to death metal and still maintain the melodies and harmonies that are fundamental to traditional Metal. In April 2009 they started to record the first tracks, and they put a lot of effort in recording the tracks on their own. In May 2009 they got into Studio Soundcreation in Bollnas to record the vocals, and later same month and to bring more life into their music, they invited Thomas Hedlund (Bass) and Peter Sonefors (Guitar) to join the band, and in June the band decided to release a three track demo, In July 2009 the band got played in Swed...

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The Citadel

There is at least 4 bands using the name The Citadel and one band that formerly used the name.

1) ( is a metalcore band formed in Downers Grove, IL on January 1, 2006. They are currently based in Wheaton, IL and Champaign, IL. The Citadel currently consits of Dan Rickert (lead guitar/vocals), Matt Lucas (drums), Marco Novielli (bass), Phillip O'Keefe (keyboard), and Paul Demeo (lead vocals). They have one recorded EP to date called "Weallaredead," recorded in 2007 at Crawlspace Recordings.
Past members include:
Brian Krol (lead vocals, left August 2006)
Brian Perfect (guitar, now in the band Midway & Wake, left August 2007)
Paul Brandenstein - (guitar/backup vocals, lef...

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Everlasting 4 Downfall