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Göran Fristorp

Göran Fristorp was born on May 26th 1948 in Örebro, Sweden. He started his musical career already in the 60s. He followed the music program in Framnäs Folkhögsskole, and studied at The Conservatory of Göteborg. He was a member in numerous bands at that time.
Fristorp’s big breakthrough came in 1973, when he won the Swedish finals of the Eurovision Song Contest with Claes af Geijerstam and the group Malta, with the song "Sommaren som aldrig säger nej". They took the 5th place in the international finals. Several tours in Sweden followed up.
Fristorp performed as warm-up artist for the Dutch group Ekseption on their tour in Germany in 1974-1975, and went on a tour in The Soviet Union with Sylvia Vrethammar.
Fristorp’s fir...

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