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Metal Attack Over Europe 2012

Dark Tranquillity

Dark Tranquillity were formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1989 by Mikael Stanne and Niklas Sundin as Septic Broiler before changing their name in 1991. They are considered to be one of the earliest pioneers of the Gothenburg melodic death metal style.

They have kept a mostly consistent line-up. Anders Jivarp has played drums since joining the band shortly after its formation, with Anders Fridén and Martin Henriksson. Rhythm guitarist Mikael Stanne switched to vocals after Anders Fridén's departure. When his predecessor Fredrik Johansson left in 1998, bassist Martin Henriksson took up guitar duties and Michael Nicklasson came in on bass shortly before the recording of Haven. They also added "electronics" man Martin Brändström at t...

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Keep of Kalessin (NO)

Keep of Kalessin are a Blackened Death Metal band that spawned back in 1994, under the name Ildskjaer, by the hand of Ghâsh and Obsidian C., later joined by Vyl and Warach. The band's violent yet dark and epic black metal - as well as the somewhat mysterious monicker and lyrics - are inspired by the work of American fantasy writer Ursula K. Le Guin's "The Farthest Shore". With this concept in mind, the guys recorded the first demo "Skygger Av Sorg" in the Fall of 1996, though several problems in finding a proper rehearsal room made this task rather difficult. As a matter of fact, the lack of practice resulted in an untight performance on tape and a consequent limited distribution for it. Only ten labels and magazines received it but the ...

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Warbringer (US)

There are three artists by this name.

1) Warbringer is an American thrash metal band from Ventura, California formed in 2004. Current members consist of John Kevill as vocals, John Laux and Andrew Bennett on guitar, Andy Laux on bass, and Carlos Cruz behind the drums. They have released five full length studio albums, the latest being "Woe to the Vanquished" in 2017. Along with their animated live performances and lyrics detailing war, violence, and death, Warbringer's aggressive sound is reminiscent of 80's era thrash metal and thus the band is commonly associated with the "thrash revival".

From Their Myspace:

"With the release of 2008's War Without End, WARBRINGER established themselves as one the mo...

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Rota (UK)

1. A 90's style Emo band from Middletown, RI. For fans of Rainer Maria, Jawbreaker, and I Hate Myself. Plays often at local shows in RI, MA, and CT.

2. Screamo from Baltimore. On hiatus, but definitely not dead. Visit for any updates in the near future.
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Dawn Heist (AU)

Brand new progressive/melodic metal band DAWN HEIST released there debut single in September, Nine Worlds.

Formed in 2010, Dawn Heist are a five piece band from Sydney, Australia brandishing their own unique style of metal infused with melodic synth/programming and accompanied with a driving vocal tone that sets the band apart from the norm and creating a definite need for more.

Dawn Heist have recently been in the studio with ARIA nominated producer Greg Stace,
fine tuning their already massive sound to create the debut release.
“Dawn Heist are an upcoming force that will not be ignored” Greg Stace.

Dawn Heist have been showcasing their new sound live in the past few months through a extensive...

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