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Perssons betong / Selstock 2012

Tant Strul

Tant Strul was a Swedish power pop/pop punk and that most of the time was considered a "girl's band", the leading women punk rock band in Sweden, although they at some time points had one male member. The last setting before they split up was: vocalist, guitarist and song-writer Kajsa Grytt, keyboardist Malena Jönsson, bassist Liten Falkeholm, drummer Nike Markelius, and cellist Sebastian Öberg (from the Flesh Quartet). The band started in 1981 with band members Kärsti Stiege (the mother of Swedish pop star Lykke Li), Liten Falkeholm, Kajsa Grytt, Malena Jönsson and Micke Westerlund. Kärsti left after the first two singles, and Micke left after the first LP "Tant Strul" (1981) and was replaced by Nike. The band now consisted of four wome...

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Kjell Käpp Eriksson