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Mouse on Mars (DE)

Mouse on Mars formed in 1993 when Andi Toma, from Dusseldorf, and Jan St. Werner, from Cologne, met at a speed metal festival in Stockholm and decided to form a band.

With eleven albums and eleven e.p.'s Mouse On Mars have gained a reputation as one of the most innovative and productive bands of today's popular music scene. "the true inheritors of kraftwerk's mantle" (MUZAK Magazine). The band itself never encouraged this comparison. They rather consider their efforts as fragmented and always reforming ideas which are not after the clean design of pop aesthetics but offer a broken and profound criticism on a "one world one sound" equalisation. "Nothing is decided in the music itself but its construction as a statement: even in...

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Martin Nordbeck produces ambient, electronica, house, techno and experimental music as nordBeck on labels such as Completely Gone Recordings, Small Doses and Purlieu Recordings. He manages the net labels Sediment and residue.

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