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Kabaret Sybarit

Kabaret Sybarit is an alternative rock band from Esbjerg, Denmark, formed in 2009. The musical style of Kabaret Sybarit is heavily influenced by theatrical cabaret, the Jazz Age (1920's jazz), and modern rock. The seven-piece group consists of Martin Klein Sørensen (lead vocals), Mathias Bjørnskov (keys, accordion, guitar), Mads Lind (guitar, saxophone), Niels Erik Mårup (saxophone), Kirsten Bjerregaard (keys, accordion, vocals), Christian Kronborg (bass) and Sebastian Fibiger (drums). The group's name is a combination of the Danish word for cabaret and "Sybarit," an obscure Danish term for male hedonists used in the 1930s.

Several members of group were also part of De Involverte, a Kaizers Orchestra tribute band which eventua...

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