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Bad Sector (IT)

Bad Sector is a musical project created in Italy by Massimo Magrini (born in 1966, Lucca). Bad Sector's music is considered a mixture of ambient and industrial music, a mix of electronic experimentation and usually dark emotions. Magrini himself describes it as "deeply emotional dark ambient noise". Common themes (as reflected in album and track titles) include microbiology, algorithms, physics, and space exploration. Magrini has collaborated for long time with the Computer Art Lab of ISTI-CNR in Pisa (one of the institutes by CNR - National Research Institute of Italy) releasing original gesture interfaces to be used in many live performances.

Discography summary


1995 - Ampos (God Factory, Loki...

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Kammarheit is a dark ambient project from Umeå, Sweden, founded by Pär Boström, who is also behind the project Cities Last Broadcast. Kammarheit's music paints lush soundscapes that are ominous, beautiful, and breathtaking, with industrial and experimental noises. Currently signed to the label Cyclic Law.

Kammarheit started in early 2000 after a field recording session in an abandoned factory. Inspired by the atmosphere of that special place the first album “Shockwork” was recorded that very same night and this marked the beginning of one of Dark Ambient’s most respected act. The awe felt from these first field recoding ventures translated into a concise sonic vision. Over the course of the next 2 years, five more albums were...

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Tzii (RO)

Musician / Movie Maker / DJ, Tzii began performing in public in 1994 and created in 2001 the D.I.Y. Label Night On Earth, that releases vinyls and CD-R. Also a member of V-atak and Radon collectives, he goes beyond genres and labels into different universes in his art doesn't without looking for a definite and precise form but rather for an energy. He nourishes himself from european and african culture.
Tzii explore the industrial culture in all forms, playful or introspective, electronic or acoustic, visual or auditive. In 2004 he has created with RKO the audio/video duo LIFESTEAK and more recently with Ripit the duo SOLAR SKELETONS.
As he prefers improvised music he collaborates, on stage or in studio, with many musicians lik...

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Reizen (JP)