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The Scams

The Scams are a Swedish rock and roll band

Danny, Chuck n' Kriss grew up in different but similar smalltowns were R'n'R is king and the destillerymachines are coocking 24-7. It´s easy to say that R'n'R has been corrupting their ungodly souls ever since tasting their first beer sometime around 4th grade.

2001 Danny n' Chuck formed The Scams inspired by the movie "Oh brother where art thou". The Scams has delivered pure R'n'R with influences from Rockabilly, 50s rock and 70s punk since their first gig in 2002.
It´s been Noize, Booze n' Tattooz all the way for these guys. They have become the band who smacks you in the face with dazzlin' guitars, makes your heart bleed with howlin' tunes and your body shake with t...

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“As a person who has promoted at almost every major venue in West Hollywood and Los Angeles, when it came time to book the MAIN STAGE at THE HOUSE OF BLUES on a Saturday night, I needed a band with a solid fan base, solid musicianship, and the utmost professionalism. VISE was at the top of a very short list, and they didn't disappoint. I highly recommend VISE to anyone in the industry who wants to work a band who cares as much about their career as they do their music. They won't let you down.”

T-Roy, Surge Event owner -

“Sweden receives VISE with open arms and Maria Storck on Rock & Roll magazine has never felt more straight, after a listen on myspace the editors have already headbanged themselves to...

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