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Social Pretender

Social Pretender is a female fronted punk rock band with grunge influences. Tired of living in a society where everyone is being spoonfed and transformed into clones, the group wants to inspire people to dare do what they dream of, make their own conscious choices and stop following societies washed out social game rules. 

All four members are settled in Stockholm, Sweden and have been playing together for about a year. The music consists of loud guitars, strong dynamics combined with vocals from haunted singing to distorted screaming. The tight rhythm section creates a groove that makes it hard not to dig your neck sore. At their live shows they are known for the constant energy and emotion they put into their music and per...

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Primate X

Mad Lee Riot

Mad Lee Riot Reviews! Below follows some excerps with what some music magazines thoughts of the band:
“…Equally well done is the following song "In the road" which varies between relaxing parts and parts of more aggressiveness - it bears a strong resemblance to the traits of "Alice in Chains"…”
“…To draw the conclusion, it is a various and interesting piece. The Mad Lee Riot show how they are in possession of great technical talent and mature songwriting. We expect with tension a full-length version - a proper remuneration after a long period of "underground-activities"… “
/Andrea Zazzarini, in Italian Webzine Teenage Angst, translated by Christina Moderegger
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