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Dissonans 012

In Slaughter Natives

Altar of Flies

Altar of Flies is Mattias Gustafsson, a Swedish noise/drone experimenter from Mjölby.
He has released tons of cassettes in a short time and a few vinyls, one more limited than the other. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Umpio (FI)

Umpio is a harsh noise artist from Finland, active since 2007. The man behind the moniker is Pentti Dassum, better known as the guitarist of now defunct jazzcore legends Deep Turtle. The unforgiving sound of Umpio is made by various home made junk instruments (or "junkstruments" as they are referred by Pentti himself) abused through a string of effect pedals.

Releases so far include Avauz (Zerga), Stalkhausen (CD-R), Antabus (digital EP), Karu II (Musapojat / Zerga), Loinen (Zerga), Lasia lapsille (Zerga), Karu I+III (Nekorekords), Junk Electronix vol 1. (Nekorekords), Muelas (Freak Animal Records), Sauna (ObscureX Records), Karu IV (Nekorekords), Maggot Brain (split with Ronskibiitti, Nekorekords/Huge Bass Records), Umpio Mee...

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Jaakko Vanhala (FI)

Bestializer (IT)