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Aziz Sahmaoui (FR)

Aziz Sahmaoui is a true inspiration to many musicians of the new generation. At the heart of the Orchestre National de Barbès or alongside Joe Zawinul, he has continued to promote traditional music Maghreb while listening to the most common modern jazz and fusion.

Aziz grew up in Marrakech, where for several decades the Ksar El Badii festival is held representing the cultural melting pot of different tribes and sounds of Morocco. From the age of 7, he was steeped in traditional music: chaabi, Ahwach, Nass el ghiwane, Lemchahab and especially the music of the Gnawa.

At 14, he formed his group, working on vocals, stringed instruments and touches its first stamps as a musician.

In the late 80s, after his stu...

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