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Klubb Ace

Mina Vänner


There are six or more artists called CK:

1. CK is a Swedish rapper who debuted with his single "På Rosa Moln". His album "Luften är fri!" was first released in 2005. Name is unknown for most people and he'd like to keep it that way.

2. ck is an independent laptop hip-hop artist from San Francisco. He self-produced, wrote, and recorded his entire debut album, Kind of a Big Deal, on his laptop while attending college at Columbia University, and donates all proceeds to UNICEF.

3. CK is a Polish punk-rock band from Ostrołęka, founded in 2005.

4. CK, or "The Hawk" as he is aliased, is a Danish clubber. He focuses his energy on creating Eurodance / Trancecore tracks, but...

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