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The Flight Reaction


Band Members :

Måns P Månsson - guitar, vocals, Sebastian Braun - guitar, vocals, Mats Bigrell - drums, Aron Erstorp - bass, vocals

The band line-up sounds like a "who-is-who" of swedish 60s Garage scene: Mats Bigrell, Mans Mansson, Sebastian Braun and Aron Erstorp all played in bands like The Crimson Shadows, The Giljoteens, The Maggots and Les Artyfacts. When those bands decided to call it a day the guys thought it was time to put together a new band - and they did!! "The Flight Reaction is exactly the band we've all wanted to have for quite a long time! Pure 60's garage beat with flashes of punkadelic psych garage and moody jangle as a common thread." so they say between their m...

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