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Auto-auto is a multi-art project from Gothenburg, Sweden. Born in 2004, the primary members of the project are Erik Frankel and Johan Hellqvist but they work together with various other talents to fulfill their visions. Among others, Philip Linné and Mattias Rost.

"auto-auto is and will be a project which main purpose is to try to change and encourage change in your local community, thus from small changes ultimately making the world a better place for all of us to live in" (auto-auto manifesto)

The music they make range from a wide variety of electro and what could be called synthpop to darker EBM, hip-hop inspired beats, industrial themes and much more. They accompany much of their work and live performances with ...

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Ostrich may refer to different artists:

A: Ostrich are an alternative/indie/electro band from Stockholm, Sweden. Marcus and Martin met when they were working in a electronicshop five years ago. Marcus was into rock and Martin was more into electronic music. They decided to make music together with influences from both genres. Now, five years later you can enjoy their music!

B: A part of a younger generation of artists, Nadir Agha (aka Ostrich) found
passion for art, especially in music and films. It wasn’t until 2003 when
Montreal-based artist Ostrich explored the depths of his talents as a DJ,
producer, and an aspiring filmmaker. His sound carries various funk-
flavored elements of techn...

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Bossa Machine

Twice a Man

Twice a Man are an electronic music group based in Gothenburg, Sweden, comprising members Dan Söderqvist and Karl Gasleben (born Ingemar Ljungström).

Dan and Karl met in Gothenburg during the early 1970s when they played in groups Älgarnas Trädgård and Anna Själv Tredje. The duo was formed in 1978 as Cosmic Overdose.

After changing their name to their current title in 1981, Twice a Man released their first album, Music for Girls, in 1982. The group have consistently used synthesizers and electronic effects to create their theatrical and atmospheric soundscapes, and from 1984 they began to work with samplers.

The group has collaborated with numerous musicians, mainly with Jocke Söderqvist, and has released...

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Endless Shame

Endless Shame is an electronic/alternetive band from the south of Sweden. The music could be described as 'synthetic rock/pop with a melancolic touch'.

Band Members:
Matte Nybble Levin
Matte is the lead singer of Endless Shame. He also plays the guitar and some of the keyboards. Matte is the main songwriter although every band member puts in the same effort in creating and producing the music.

Anders Olsson
Anders is a very energetic person who is involved in every aspect of Endless Shame. Anders writes music and does a lot of production and engineering work. Though he still finds the time to manage the band.

Mika Rossi
Rossi (that's what we call him) can always be found in the studio...

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