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Pelle Lindberg Band

Pelle Lindberg - Guitar and vocals
Stefan Rosqvist - Guitar
Alfred Andersson - Bass
Mickael Walle Wahlgren - Drums
Simon Mårtensson - Vocals, organ and dobro

Born in Stockholm 1957. Started out with the blues in 1975. My bands over the years, Shack Matt, Jake Fake Band, Blue Sky, Bluetones with Sue Sergel, Pelle Lindberg & Bluesblasters, Bloosblasters and now Pelle Lindberg Band.

People I have played and jamming with true the years: Sam Myers, Mojo Buford, Marcia Ball, Magic Slim, L.A Jones, Kellie Rucker, Paul Ray, Don Benett, Paul Lamb, Leland Parks, Michael Dotson, Uncle John Turner, Rodney Craig, Kenny Brown, Linus, Neon Leon, Derrick Walker, Peps, Clas Yngström, Lalle Larsson, Bernt Anders...

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