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Pink (US)

There is more than one artist with this name:

1) Pink was a late 1980s new wave band from Japan. Members included Yutaka Fukuoka (vocals/guitar), Hajime Okano (vocals/bass), Atsunobu Yakabe (vocals/drums), Hoppy Kamiyama (vocal/keyboards), Steve Eto (vocals/percussion), and Hidehiro Shibuya (vocals/guitars) Osamu Sakasai (vocals/guitars).

2) Pink was an alias of Manfred Linzner, a computer game music composer/demoscene artist & co-creator of the AHX tracker format.

(Not to be confused with pop artist P!nk. If you’re here due to the pop artist, do and yourself a favor, Fix your artist tags.)

1.) The band Pink formed as a collaboration between ビブラトーンズ (Vibratones) member Yutaka Fukuoka an...

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Churchill (US)

There are several artists that share the name Churchill:

1) Churchill is an indie folk band from Denver, Colorado
2) Churchill was an alias of London based DJ/Producer Andrew Johns
3) Churchill is a band from Manchester playing Oi and Punk.

1) Churchill is an indie folk band from Denver, Colorado. The band came together as the brainchild of Tim Bruns and Michael Morter, after Michael moved back to Denver after a stint in Nashville trying his hand as a solo artist. Shortly after the two began working together the band recruited their current lineup.

Churchill are Tim Bruns (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Michael Morter (Mandolin, Guitar, Backing Vocals), Bethany Kelly (Piano, Vocals), Joe Richmond (Drums...

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