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Teresa Salgueiro (PT)

Teresa Salgueiro (b. 8 Jan 1969, Amadora, Portugal - aka Tereza Salgueiro, she changed first-name spelling), is the former lead singer of Madredeus (1987 to 2007), now pursuing a solo career. As a young girl, Salgueiro sang fado / bossa nova, in Lisbon's streets & taverns. In 1985 (at 16 y/o), she moved to old Lisbon, to live with friends & continued singing. Her latest release is "Você E Eu" ('07, with João Cristal & his septet).

In 1987, Salgueiro met guitarist / producer Pedro Ayres Magalhães & they formed Madredeus, with Francisco Ribeiro (cello), Gabriel Gomes (accordion) & Rodrigo Leão (keyboards). They subsequently played internationally & released eleven albums (through Blue Note, Nettwerk & EMI).

Teresa Sal...

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