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Oi Va Voi (UK)

Oi Va Voi is a band from London, United Kingdom which plays music inspired by Eastern European rhythms and melodies. The name of the group is Yiddish and roughly translates to "oh' dear god...".

The band has five core members and works with a variety of guest vocalists.KT Tunstall was a regular performer with the band until her solo career in 2004.

Oi Va Voi are:
Nik Ammar (Guitars, Vocals, Production)
Josh Breslaw (Drums, Percussion, Production)
Stephen Levi (Clarinet, Vocals)
David Orchant (Trumpet)
At the moment also performing with Oi Va Voi:
Bridgette Amofah (Vocals)
Anna Phoebe (Violin)

Former Oi Va Voi contributers:
KT Tunstall
Alice McLaughlin

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