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Panda Transport

Panda Transport is a transcontinental aural meeting of French pop electronica artist SEVERIN 24 and american jazz-pop songstress KATHY COMPTON. Kat and Ti's varying tastes in musical styles are what dictates Panda Transport's sound- a melange of electronic and natural instrumentation, utilizing vocal harmonies, theramin, flute, vocoder, guitars, wood percussion, synths and toys. They have performed in Europe with members of Add N to X and in the U.S. recently supported Girl Talk.They've appeared in BRUSSELS, NEW ORLEANS, PARIS, CHICAGO, ZURICH, ATHENS GA., LYON, WASHINGTON DC, CLEVELAND, CHARLOTTESVILLE, GENEVA, MADISON WI, MILWAUKEE, STRASBOURG, DETROIT, MARSEILLE, & MINNEAPOLIS, DALLAS, PITTSBURG(w/s GIRLTALK), LYON(w/s LE PEUPLE DE L'...

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