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Björn J:son Lindh

Björn J:son Lindh was born in Arvika, Värmland, Sweden in October 25 1944. He majored in piano and flute at the Ingesund University College of Music, in Arvika, Sweden. He pursued his musical training at Musikhögskolan, The Royal School of Music, in Stockholm in the mid - late 60's. After his years there he started playing free-form jazz with Nils Sandström, and later also Arabic flute music with Abd El Rahman El Khatib (cf CousCous).

As was written in the mid 70's (Sohlman): "Björn represents the integrating tendencies within swedish music that start to grow in the early 70's, and consequently in his musical pursuit has been affected by the so called serious musical avant-garde, Indian music, Arabic music, jazz and pop" (rat...

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