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Mother of God

One day, Daniel had a vision. He was lying in his cold trench outside Stockholms gates, being trained to become a ruthless killingmachine. He looked back at the time when the music brought happiness to his life. Meanwhile in a little town called Ludvika in Dalecarlia, the school tired drummer Jimmy found himself trapped in his own misery. He felt that something was missing. Both Jimmy and Daniel looked back on the time in their old band Blacktears and thought of the solidarity and joy that only exists in a band. When Daniel went home to Ludvika on his furlough he and Jimmy had a gathering in a dark and worn out room, belonging to the death metal band Spasmodic. They ploughed through a whole bunch of genres, but the two boys were both thi...

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Mango is a name that has been used more than once:

(1) An Israeli pop - girl band.
(2) A popular Italian singer.
(3) A pop band from Lithuania.
(4) A alternative punk / ska band from Rīga, Latvia.
(5) A progressive house producer and DJ from Moscow, Russia.

Mango (1):
A Israeli pop girl band, that worked between between the years 1988-1991, originated from the Israeli Defense Forces - Northern Command Band. Members: Yasmin Gamliel (nowadays a voice teacher and a member of Waterloo - a band covering ABBA songs), Michal Tsafrir (nowadays she's an actress, dubbed and kids show host) and Miri Nevo (nowadays a presenter in 'Sport 5' - an Israeli cable sports channel). They were reunited in Novem...

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