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Refused is a Post-Hardcore band originating from Umeå, Sweden, formed in 1991. The band's final lineup comprised its founding members, vocalist Dennis Lyxzén and drummer David Sandström, as well as guitarists Kristofer Steen and Jon Brännström. Their lyrics were often of a non-conformist and politically far-left revolutionary nature. The band released five EPs and three albums before initially splitting up in 1998. Kerrang! placed The Shape of Punk To Come at #13 on their 50 Most Important Albums Of All Time list. Several months of heavy touring and internal stress caused the band's dissolution, after their last show in the United States was dismantled by police. Following the band split, Lyxzén went on to front the political garage rock...

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Two White Horses

Watching a Two White Horses performance is eerily reminiscent of meeting the eyes of an animal in the wild; the communication is filled with steady surprise, wonder, and the thrill of finding common ground with a disparate creature. Behind the experience is tangible, melodramatic pop music built around the medium of voice. Two voices, in fact, which have the instinctive ability to find each other in harmony, and are driven by the need to create prepossessing melodies animated with "that classical feeling," as Lovisa describes it. The addition of props and an indubitable stage presence have the effect of ushering the crowd directly out of the bar and into their world - the world of Two White Horses.


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