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Id Rev (EE)

Stūrī Zēvele (LV)

Stūrī Zēvele is a group of creative people making down-to-earth compositions that do not really fit to any category. The band is known, among other things, of filming atmoshperic live videos in unconventional places like fountains and elevators.

The very beginning of the band was in 2006 in one of the most beautiful and romantic towns in Northern Europe - Kuldīga, Latvia - when guitarist Klāvs Lauls and flutist Justīne Kuzņecova started to make music. After a little while vocalist Kate Brišķa joined the band and they started to compose their own songs. So far the band has released 3 EP's, recorded in bedroom conditions. Stūrī Zēvele has also participated in some of the biggest festivals in Latvia - Positivus, Laba Daba, and Ze...

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