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The Monochrome Set (US)

The Monochrome Set are an English post-punk band originally formed in 1978 from the remnants of a college group called The B-Sides (whose members had included Stuart Goddard, a.k.a. Adam Ant). The band is notable for its witty lyrics, the laconic delivery of lead singer Bid, and the idiosyncratically retrogressive playing style of original lead guitarist Lester Square.

The original line-up consisted of Indian born lead singer and principal songwriter Bid (real name Ganesh Seshadri), Canadian guitarist Lester Square (real name Thomas W.B. Hardy), drummer John D. Haney, and bassist Charlie Harper. The band went through several bassists in the next few years, including Jeremy Harrington, and Andy Warren of the Ants, a childhood ...

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Mackaper consists of Per Nyström, Markus Hulthén, Elias Krantz, Christoffer Narin, and according to themselves they sound like one of the characters from Sesam E Street trying to play krautrock.

In September, 2016, they released their third album Minnen Av Framtiden on the Stockholm based label Flora & Fauna, which continued their pioneer work into kraut and space. The album was produced by Daniel Fagerström (The Skull Defects) and mastered by Henrik von Euler. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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