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Still Echo

Still Echo is a Swedish digital metalcore band from Stockholm. The band was formed in late 2009.

The band initially had a somewhat experimental sound, influenced by several different styles of music. Later on, their music has been aimed more heavily towards the metal genre.

In early 2010, the band recorded their first self-titled EP. Later that year, they released their second EP This Path We Follow, digitally distributed through Record Union.

◆ Zeke - Vocals
◆ Ashkan - Guitar
◆ Kawa - Guitar
◆ Zid - Keyboards
◆ Petri - Bass
◆ Max - Drums


Still Echo (2010)
This Path We Follow (2010)
The Inescapable Truth (2011)


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Hollow (NO)


Acidiun was formed in Uppsala, Sweden, 2008 and make music influenced by Metalcore and Deathcore.

Acidiun consists of five 23-25 year olds that always gives 100%. To describe the bands approach to the music and liveshow.

The music is bonehard and clearly mosh and headbang accessible. Backingtracks and cleansong does not exist in Acidiuns register, everything that is delivered to the crowd is their livemusic and raw energy.

In June of 2015 Acidiun released the EP "9 Circles". Since then they have toured Sweden to support the release. With this release Acidiun recieved positive reactions and reviews published online in Germany, Mexico, Belgium, South Africa, Czech republic, Argentina and Italy. The s...

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