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The Ancient Gate (1991-1992)
The Swedish Death Metal band EVOCATION was formed in the autumn of 1991 in Borås by Thomas Josefsson - bass, Jani Karvola – vocals, Marko Palmén - guitar and the two brothers Janne K. Bodén - drums & Vesa Kenttäkumpu - guitar. A few months later EVOCATION parted ways with the vocalist Jani Karvola. Thomas filled the empty spot as vocalist but also left the bass playing in EVOCATION. In 1992 two demos were recorded. The first one was recorded in Sunlight Studio with demon-producer Tomas Skogsberg behind the wheels. It resulted in a three track and intro demo limited to 500 copies titled “The Ancient Gate”. Later in an interview Skogsberg named EVOCATION as “the best demo band he ever had recorded”. Previ...

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