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Seremedy was a metal band formed in January 2010 in Sundsvall, Sweden. They were signed to Ninetone Records/Universal Music. The idea of the band came in late 2008 in by RAY and JENZiiH, but it took one year until the band established its final line-up.

SEIKE - vocals
YOHIO - guitar
RAY - guitar
JENZiiH - bass
LINDER - drums

Only six months after their formation Seremedy had their first international show in Moscow and the band was featured on the Cure Magazine compilation album NEW AGE COLLECTIONS VOL. 3, released in Japan.

Seremedy released their first single Bulletproof Roulette as a download single worldwide in March 11, 2011,
and it reached the top 10 on Swedish iTunes.

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Overworld is an alternative metal band hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. Though a young band formed as recently as 2012, the band's members are hardly new to the scene, solely consisting of musicians from now disbanded but previously well-known Swedish underground acts. Playing a brand of music self-titled as "adrenaline rock 'n' roll metal", the band is steadily gaining recognition for their explosive live shows, fresh take on the rock/metal genre(s) and the close relationship with their ever-expanding fanbase.

The band’s debut EP, “Perfect Anomaly”, was released digitally worldwide at May 25th 2012, instantly climbing to the top of iTunes Sweden and charting in at #12 in All Albums and #5 in Rock. This feat is made even more ...

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Jenlayn (FI)

Jenlayn was a Visual Rock band from Helsinki, Finland.
Jenlayn was active since March 2011 to early 2014.
After that, the band changed its name to In Shade.

Juha left the band in February 2012 and Jae switched from singing to guitar.
The band also welcomed Yura as their new vocalist.

Yura - Vocals
Яed - Guitar
Jae - Guitar
OBI - Bass
Jere - Drums

Former members:
Juha - Guitar

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