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Metal Night

By Night

This is By Night. An extreme metal act from Falkenberg, Sweden. The band is currently signed to the german metal/hardcore label LifeForce records. It all started out 1999 in Falkenberg (southwestern Sweden) when Simon (guitar), André (guitar) and Per (drums) decided to put their old band "Predicted conspiracy" to the side, and start the band By Night that sounded a lot more harder than before.

They had some different members at a time until they found Henrik Persson (bassist) who made their dreams come true. With Henrik in the band there came new inspirations and they dropped the strings all the way to "B" and there was a lot more aggressive sound to it. After about half a year of song writing they at last found what they'd be...

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Inevitable End

INEVITABLE END is a metal act founded 2003 in Jönkoping, Sweden. Starting out highly influenced by the thrash genre they have gone through some good, developing processes to end up were they are today. Stably grounded in death metal they strive to give the sound of the genre a new face by mixing elements from several kinds of hard music. They most certainly are a live band delivering an intense, non-typical performance!

During the period of their EP's the band collected several promising reviews and made alot of noise in the underground scene. What's already past in the band's history includes visits to Norway, Finland, Czech Republic and Switzerland, additional to all the gigs played in their home-country Sweden.


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PUTERAEON was spawned in Alingsås, Sweden 2008 by guitarist & vocalist Jonas Lindblood (Taetre). “I started doing some oldschool riffs that took me back to my roots in death metal”. Some songs were posted on the net and there was a big demand for demos. Jonas did all in all 3 demos during the time of 2008-2009.
All demos were very well recieved within the underground. The demos got really good reviews and loads of interviews were made.
At the same time he had contacted both Anders Malmström, drums (ex-Nominon, Prophanity, Immemoreal, ex-Inverted) and Daniel Vandija, bass (13itch). And they were pursuaded to join. But all took some time.
When the band finally got together and started rehersing, the contract with Cyclone Emp...

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End of September

The history of End of September began in Sweden 2009 when founder Erik Tordsson started to write songs on his own. Erik was familiar with the scene and had played in extreme metal and hard rock bands before, but this time he created something different, something that would become the sound of End of September. A demo was recorded together with vocalist Victoria Sundberg, and the demo got the band a deal with Sweden’s Ulterium Records. Shortly after the recordings Victoria left the band, which resulted in a two year hiatus for End of September.

During 2011 Erik finally found the new vocalist Elin Redin to replace Victoria, and shortly after that also Johan Nöjd (bass) and Johan Svensson (drums) joined the band, and the line-up...

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