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Emil Jensen

Emil Jensen is a Swedish singer-songwriter/poet. He sings in a broad southern accent of Swedish (skånska), accompanied by mostly accoustic instruments such as guitar and piano on his two earlier records, and a greater variety of electronic tunes on his latest record ("Orka då", 2006).

His characteristic live shows consists of equal parts stand up comedy, poetry slam - Emil has won the Swedish poetry slam championship twice, and reached the fourth place in the world championship in Rotterdam - and music. The songs are usually simplified versions, allowing Emil to perform them alone, accompanying himself on the piano. On the studio albums, however, he is assisted by Marcus Cato from his former band "Mållgan". Read more on Last....

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Ann Heberlein

Tiganá Santana (BR)

Tiganá Santana is a Brazilian singer in search of his Afro-Brazilian roots, who reveals with his music his own modern and ancestral sight of the universe. He is one of those rare Brazilians who partly composes in African languages, refreshing our ears with airy harmonies.

Tiganá Santana, 28 years old with 12 years of career, is identified by black music experts as an apprentice of the universal masters Dorival Caymmi, João Gilberto, Cole Porter, Pixinguinha, Ali Farka Touré and Habib Koité.

Tiganá grew up in the Afro-Brazilian city of Salvador in Bahia, on Brazil’s Atlantic coast, in a house where he could watch the different moods of the sea. He sings in Kikongo and Kimbundu, but also in Portuguese, English and Fr...

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Loney Dear

Emil Svanängen, plus connu sous le pseudonyme de Loney, Dear est un chanteur, auteur, compositeur et multi-instrumentiste suédois né le 29 mars 1979 à Jönköping.

Vers la fin des années 1990, Emil Svanängen, pianiste dans un trio de jazz, a envie de se mettre à chanter (« Il est très difficile de toucher les gens quand tu joues de la musique instrumentale »1). Il se met alors à écouter des albums de pop que ses amis lui prêtent - auparavant ses influences musicales étaient principalement orientées vers le jazz et le folk1. Au début des années 2000, il forme un nouveau groupe avec des musiciens de Jazz rencontrés à son école de musique de l'époque.

En 2003, Emil enregistre lui-même son premier album, The Year Of River...

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