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In Swedish Chikan is an obstacle in a Formula 1 race, a wrongdoing in court, a bad hand playing cards and if you're Japanese its a person you'd rather not have beside you in the subway. Besides this it's also an up'n'coming artist with songs that vary between mellow and introverted to being stinging punches on people who since long should be down for a count.

After several EP's and extensive touring with his band Amical, the solo-effort of the singer and songwriter Petter Söderberg is now recorded and released. Previous release is a 7" split vinyl with Ariel Kill Him in 2002, both out on Circle Around A Circle. David Lehnberg from mentioned Ariel Kill Him has together with Chikan produced this debut-album with some great indie...

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Katie Danielson

Katie Danielson met the world on the plains of central Oklahoma. She married her soul mate on the ancient terraced hills outside Jerusalem, and she currently traverses her way through life on the streets of Stockholm. But Katie refuses to be defined by genre or geography.

As her ep title 'Oak and Iron' suggests, Katie’s music is forged from the strength of raw materials that have been shape-carved and welded into objects of grace and lasting artistry. Like her voice and like her soul, Katie’s lyrical poetry is unaffected beauty. She finds a way to make us feel pure and hopeful and reminds us that our souls indeed “belong in higher places.”

Meanwhile grounded on terra firma, Katie first stretched her songwritin...

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