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Hans Berg

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Hans Berg is a Swedish Berlin-based artist from Rättvik, who makes electronic disco dancing music. He also collaborates with the Swedish video artist Nathalie Djurberg, where he makes the music for her films.
He is also known as Protekk before.

DISCOGRAPHY (Selection): Monotone Cocktail (Protekk mini-CD) 1998 Tsunami Prod. Sweden.... House Deluxe 2000 (Protekk album) 2000 Tsunami Prod. Sweden.... Gymnastics For Couples (Protekk CD-single) 2001 Tsunami Prod. Sweden.... Dance Music:Modern Life (V/A) 2000 V2 Music/MNW Sweden.... Cinq:Heures Collection Digitale, (V/A) 2001 Virgin Music Belgium.... Read more on . User-contributed text is available und...

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Genius of Time

Genius of Time (Alexander Berg & Nils Krogh) are two electronic music producers from Sweden making house music. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Le1f (US)

Khalif Diouf, known by his stage name Le1f, is an American rapper and producer from New York City. He runs the hip hop label Camp & Street, a subsidiary of Greedhead Music. As a gay rapper he's garnered attention for his unique and subversive musical and performance styles. Following a series of well-received mixtapes and EPs, his debut studio album Riot Boi was released in November 2015. Born in Manhattan, New York, Diouf studied ballet and modern dance, attended the Concord Academy with the class of 2007 and earned his degree in dance from Wesleyan University before returning to the city to become a rapper.

Initially known for producing tracks for hip-hop group Das Racist, such as their popular debut single "Combination Pizz...

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