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Releasefest för Varulven i svensk folktradition

In Gowan Ring (US)

In Gowan Ring is the musical endeavour of American composer and multi-instrumentalist B'eirth. Started in the early 1990s, In Gowan Ring plays acoustic songs with strong roots in folk, medieval, and psychedelic music.

B'eirth's soft voice is accompanied by (among other instruments) guitar, harp, piano, cello, bodhrán and many of his own instrument creations (citterns, guitars, hybrids, etc.).

In Gowan Ring has cooperated with many artists from the international folk and experimental scenes, such as: Stone Breath, Maja Elliott, Nick Castro, Fern Knight, Annelies Monseré, and Alio Die.

See also: Birch Book Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; ...

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Birch Book (ET)

Birch Book is a side project of B'Eirth (In Gowan Ring), in which he explores a less experimental and psychedelic side of his music, focusing instead on calm singer-songwriter-like pieces. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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At least three Swedish bands named Korp, including:
1. Swedish black/thrash metal band from Bollnäs, formed in 1995 as black/thrash band Nocturnal. They released two demos under that name: "Death Is Waiting For You" in August 1995 and "Nocturnal" in December 1995. They then changed names to Demogorgon and released another demo, "Och döden förde dem till sitt rike" (1996). After changing the name again to Korp, they released one demo in 1996, followed up with debut album "Demon - Reborn" in 1999, and second album "Thorns of Centuries Unfold" in 2001 both on VOD records. They aren't active - the last news from the band was they were looking for their 2001-2002 studio recording ("we have them but it´s a few years ago, we will find the...

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Katt Hernandez

Katt Hernandez (May 16, 1974 - ) is a violinist living in Stockholm, Sweden with strong connection to Boston, Massachussetts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Baltimore, Maryland. Katt's violin playing employs many virtuostic extended techniques, as well as microtones. Her influences range a vast gamut of music, and her own work is entirely improvised. She has been noted for her unique playing in many publications and on-line review sites, including Cadence Magazine, Signal to Noise, Arthur Magazine and All About Jazz.

As a teenager, she attended Community High School, an alternative, experimental school that was in her hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan. She was admitted to the University of Michigan in 1992, and was among the fir...

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