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Cult of Luna

Cult of Luna is an atmospheric sludge/progressive metal/post-hardcore/post-metal band formed in 1998 in Umeå, Sweden by guitarist/vocalist Johannes Persson and vocalist Klas Rydberg. After some member hunting and rehearsals CoL had its first line-up consisting of: Klas Rydberg, Johannes Persson, Magnus Lindberg, Erik Olofsson and Fredrik Renstrom. After a short period of time, Fredrik had to leave due to some personal difficulties.

When practice started to pay off, CoL recorded a two-track demo in January 1999. After some more rehearsals, the band felt that to fully live out their dream of sound experimenting, an additional member was needed to handle the electronics. Since Magnus had both knowledge and equipment, he was an o...

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The Ocean (DE)

LO! (AU)

Lo! (occasionally typeset as LO!) are an Australian metalcore band based out of Sydney, New South Wales. The band consists of guitarist/founder Carl Whitbread (formerly of Omerata), bassist/vocalist Adrian Shapiro, drummer Adrian Griffin and vocalist Sam Dillon (formerly of Snakes Get Bad Press), who replaced original vocalist Jamie-Leigh Smith in 2013. The band originally formed as project for Whitbread - who remains the chief lyricist and songwriter - in 2006, although it was not until 2010 that the band made a live debut. To date, the band have released two studio albums - Look and Behold (2011) and Monstrorum Historia (2013). The band released a seven-inch, entitled The Tongueless, in 2015. It marks the first Lo! release to feature D...

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