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Romo Night

Velvet Condom

Velvet Condom was formed during 2005, in Strasbourg, France, by Alice Von (vocals, guitars, keyboards) and Oberst Panizza (programming, keyboards). They consider their music as sad pop tunes played by dead mannequins. As if Synthpop would meet dark guitars and teenage angst lyrics. On one side, the cold and safe synthetics of a condom and the glamorous elegance of velvet on the other.

Their debut EP (8-tracks) was released in 2006, containing minimal electro-wave songs as "Kalter Lippenstift" and "Playgirlz". The band has played several shows in London, Paris, Munich, Athens, Bucharest, Luxemburg, Berlin, Warsaw, Brussels, ... and opened for bands like : Vive la Fete, Who made Who, Fehlfarben, No More, Schwefelgelb, A-Frames,...

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