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P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S (US)


Swedens Kvoteringen started out as a project between Jallo (Totalitär, Meanwhile ex- I.R.D etc.) and Larre Thrash (Millencolin, ex- I.R.D etc.) back in 2003 after being in the talks for quite some time.
With influences mainly from rough hardcore punk from the early 80's the vision was to keep it that way - Scandinavian old school punk. No hassle, pure mangel!

After a couple of rehearsals Raggar Olle (bass) and Råttan (vocals) joined them and the line-up was complete. During one late evening fall 2004 the recording of the first EP "Roffarens Marknad" took place at Necro Studios (Studio A), Örebro.
The band teamed up with Terrötten Records who released the debut EP following spring 2005. "Roffarens Marknad" quickly sol...

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