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Blueass Blues Band

Ralph "R&B" Broqvist - Guitar and vocals
Per Hero - Drums and vocals
Peter "PG" Gustavsson - Guitar and vocals (1981-2006)
Morgan Jansson - Bass and vocals (1991-present)
Tor Jamt - Guitar and vocals (1994-98)

Blueass Blues Band was formed in 1981, Filipstad, Värmland, Sweden

Blueass Blues Band began in 1981 with three musicians and a shared love of blues music. Thirty years later – the band has gone through a few changes but two original members are still here and above all - their love of music still remains true.

From the beginning they were a hard working trio who performed original material and clever covers all in a shake-up of Chicago style blues, rock n’ roll with a twi...

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