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High on Fire (US)

High on Fire is a metal band originally formed from the remnants of the legendary stoner band Sleep. Matt Pike, from Sleep, sings and plays guitar in High on Fire and founded the band with George Rice (bass) and Des Kensel (drums), formerly of Connecticut hardcore band Mindwar. High on Fire's sound is extremely heavy, drawing influences from the aforementioned Sleep, Motörhead, Black Sabbath, & Celtic Frost.

The Oakland, California band formed in 1998 and released 'The Art of Self Defense' on Man's Ruin Records, in March 2000. After Man's Ruin Records folded, the album was re-released via Tee-Pee Records on CD and vinyl with new artwork and two bonus tracks: Steel Shoe (an original) and The Ursurper (Celtic Frost).


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Lizzard (FR)

Lizzard is Katy Elwell on drums, Mathieu Ricou on guitar & vocals, and William Knox on bass.
The trio started out in early 2006 and recorded their first demo in the same year.
They went on to perform shows around France throughout 2007 and built up a solid fan base.

The band's first EP Venus was produced by Rhys Fulber (Paradise Lost, Fear Factory, Front Line Assembly…). Rhys loved Lizzard’s music, finding the band to have “a marvelous polyrythmic sound”.
The EP came out in 2008, getting great reviews, often rating Lizzard in the same league as bands such as King Crimson, Tool, Isis, Sigur Ros…

In 2009, they followed on with a national tour, opening for some of the biggest french rock headliners such ...

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