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Claudia Aurora (PT)

“Drenched in emotion and drama” (Lucy Duran, BBC Radio 3)
“Haunting Portuguese fado… heartbreakingly poignant” (Time Out)
“Spine-tingling” (Alex Denney, NME)
“Boy, she has a voice, as elementally strong as the tides of which she sings, and as imbued with ability to induce calm and awe.” (Venue Magazine)

Sometimes, you see a place most clearly when it recedes from view…

Claudia Aurora’s second album, Mulher Do Norte, translates from Portuguese as Woman of the North. Written with a clarity that only distance can allow, it is a homage to the city, the surrounds, the way of living, that helped make her the woman she is. To all that she left behind.

It was 2003 when Claudia Aurora s...

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