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Domination in Black


Tragederia is a dark melodic metal band formed late 2012 in Gothenburg, Sweden by the ex-members of VOID. The band is composed of guitarist/lyricist Jimmy L. Jönsson, bassist/vocalist Robin Olofsson, lead guitarist Robin Bengtsson, lead vocalist Rickard "CK" Hallberg, keyboardist/lead singer Natasa Nikolic and drummer Sven Funseth.
"VOID" (The Tragederia Prologue)
VOID first started off 2009 as a three-piece constellation consisting of Robin Olofsson, Jimmy L. Jönsson and Robin Bengtsson. In search for new members they came in touch with drummer Martin Ambjörnsson. Having rehearsed for a few months Martin ran in to a friend of old: Rickard Hallberg. Unaware of him being a vocalist, Martin told him about the band whereupon Ricka...

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