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Teen (US)

Teen is a psychedelic pop band which formed in Brooklyn, New York, United States in 2011. The band consists of sisters Teeny Lieberson (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Lizzie Lieberson (keyboards, vocals), and Katherine Lieberson (drums, vocals), plus Boshra AlSaadi (bass, vocals). The band has released three full length albums, "In Limbo" (2012), "The Way and Color" (2014) and "Love Yes" (2016).

Teen came together when Teeny Lieberson, formerly of Here We Go Magic, left her post in the latter band in order to make music with her sisters Katherine and Lizzie and their longtime friends Jane Herships and former member Maia Ibar. Forgoing girl-group gimmickry and fervor, the band’s digital-only debut EP, Little Doods, fleshed out a ...

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