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Fläsket Brinner

Fläsket Brinner (Swedish = "The Pork is Burning" or "The Fat is Burning") is a Swedish progg group that was formed in the year of 1970 when the band "Atlantic Ocean" split into two; one half forming Jason's Fleece, the other Fläsket Brinner.

At their debut at Gärdetsfesten in in 1970 the band had six members: Per Bruun-bass, Bengt "Bengan" Dahlén- el-guitar, Sten Bergman- keboards & woodwinds, Gunnar Bergsten -saxophone, Staffan Stenström- vocals, and Erik "Kaptenen" Dahlbäck - drums. Stenström quit soon afterwards and their music style confined itself to instrumental psychedelic rock with some folk-music elements. In the spring of 1971 they released their first self-titled debut album on Silence with a burning pig on the cove...

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