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Allday Festival 2013

Future Idiots

It all started in the spring of 2005 when Alex came up with some plans on re-taking the third year on his upper secondary school studies. He wanted to do this just to get in the same class as Mike and Kennie so that they could start a band. After lots of conversations with headmasters and teachers and a whole lot of lies saying that Alex's grades would be so much better he was finally approved to re-take the final year.
Things got serious during the summer break when they got a place to rehearse and the first songs started to shape up. It was early decided that the band should not have front man and hence both Mike and Alex are lead singers. In the beginning Alex was not to keen on singing since he considered himself incapable of do...

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Nova Prospekt

There are 2 bands called Nova Prospekt:

1) A metalcore/post-hardcore band from Sweden

2) A powermetal band from Valencia-Venezuela.

Nova Prospekt is a Swedish metalcore/post-hardcore band with a variety of musical influences.

The origins of the band can be traced back to 2005, when Tintin Jönsson (vocals, guitar and electronics), Victor Fridefors (lead guitar), Felix Karjalainen (drums) and Oskar Wernberg (bass) formed the band after trying out a few earlier constellations.

Nova Prospekt today consists of Tintin Jönsson (vocals, and electronics), Victor Fridefors (lead guitar), Emil Mansfeld (drums) and Karl Hampus Prytz (bass).

They have released an album, Industri...

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Cedron plays metal with the intensity and passion that we love from punk and hardcore.

The band was formed in 2007 when the youngest member was only thirteen years old and played in Sweden's biggest metal festival, just two years later. After that a number of release on their own label followed along with support slots for the world's biggest names on festivals like Getaway Rock.

Cedron has not not only an intense live show, but also shows off a songwriting, which is unique in its broad influences which coalesce into a sound that is unmistakably it's own. The message from the band, which hails from living in a city which has slowly died for the last twenty years, is clear: the world is getting more fucked each da...

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There is more than one artist with this name:

1) Evelyn "Eva Lindgren" is from Sweden, she lives in Stockholm and she was 24 years old when she started her musical carreer. She worked as a fashion model in Barcelona and has been voted 'Miss Täby' in her homeland. Her musical background ranges from choir singing in school to several live solo performances in the U.S.A where she lived for one year.

Her debut single was Funny Bunny Boy, released in the autumn 98. It has been produced by Johnny Jam and Delgado who were responsible for the megahit Barbie Girl by the Danish band Aqua. The single didn't do as well as it was hoped for in the charts, but it was played quite often in the clubs. The next thing we heard from h...

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The Seven Year Itch

The Seven Year Itch – A five piece metalcore band with their roots in Eskilstuna, Sweden. It all started in 2008 with their goals set straight and the ambitions to bring something new to the Swedish metal scene. As every other band they had some line up-changes throughout the first years but in 2010 the constellation was set and the recording of the debut album “Beyond This Life” began. Three songs where released as a teaser in April 2011 so that people would get a taste of what’s coming. There are no other words to describe the music else than that the mix between brutal breakdowns and fast riffs are put together with a touch of perfection.
Their first music video was recorded shortly after the album and it was released the 15th of...

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