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Dapuntobeat (MX)

DaPuntoBeat is a Mexico City based six piece band with eight years of history under their belt. Easy to digest but hard to forget.

DPB is a high potency and explosive live act that combines rock, funk and electronic elements to unleash passions on the dance floor!

In 2006 DBP recorded a full length album entitled "Velodrom", which was released under their own label Sonido Chivaltraco, and distributed by Musart in Mexico and iTunes and eMusic internationally. Velodrom was also released in Spain by Actua Music in 2008.

DPB also produced an album of remixes entitled Mexican 60s All Starts, in which they re-worked classic 1960s tracks by Angélica María, Alberto Vazquez and Manolo Muñoz.

DPB has par...

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