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Cherry Casino and the Gamblers

The Band was put together in spring 2001 as a backing band for american singer/50´s recording artist Rayburn Anthony. Axel Praefcke and Ike Stoye soon found the right guys to make this project happen. With Michael "Humpty" Kirscht on second lead-guitar, "Lucky" Lehmann on stand-up bass and Torsten "Bam-Boom" Peukert on drums they would try to get it goin. Just a few days before the tour the whole thing was cancelled and there stood a well-rehearsed band with nothing to do..."We didn´t wanna leave it this way after all the practicing and the countless hours of rehearsing" sez Ike "and somehow everything we played sounded kinda good!" Good ol´ Rayburn wasn´t there so we changed our set and did some new material instead.We tried that early ...

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