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Ash Borer (US)

Ash Borer is a black metal band from Arcata, California, USA. They started in 2008 and have since released two demos, a split, three full lengths, an EP, and a compilation album across a number of different media.

- 2009 Demo tape, Spring 2009. 2 pressings, Suburban Mayhem Records.
- Ash Borer/Fell Voices CS (split with Fell Voices), Summer 2010
- Tour Rehearsal Demo CDR, Summer 2010.
- Ash Borer/Fell Voices LP (split with Fell Voices), March 2011, Gilead Media/Eternal Warfare.
- Ash Borer full-length CS, Spring 2011, Psychic Violence.
- Ash Borer full-length LP, July 2011, Pesanta Urfolk.
- 2x Tape Discography, May 2011, Land Of Decay.
- 2x Tape Discography repress, July ...

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