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Hårdrocksweekend 2013


H.E.A.T is a band formed in Sweden in the year 2007, after two bands merged; Trading Fate and Dream.

The band is signed to Peter Stormares record label StormVox an released their debut album H.E.A.T in 2008.

In 2007, they were an opening act to Toto, and the following year they were the opening act to Sabaton and Alice Cooper, as well as performed at the Sweden Rock Festival that year. They were also awarded with the Årets nykomlingar award, an award given out by the Swedish radio station P4 Dist for the best new artist of the year, as voted by the listeners. In 2009, the band played at the Melodifestivalen 2009, the Swedish qualifier to the annual Eurovision Song Contest, making it to the final round with the song ...

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There are multiple artists with this name:

1) Wolf is a heavy metal band from Sweden (active).

Current line-up:
Niklas "Viper" Olsson – Lead Guitars & Vocals
Anders "Tornado" Modd – Bass
Richard "Raptor" Holmgren – Drums
Simon Johansson – Guitar

2) Wolf is a heavy/speed metal group from Japan (Currently disbanded). For this specific band, please change your tags to WOLF.

3) Wolf is a NWOBHM band from Cheshire, UK (disbanded).

4) Wolf is a NWOBHM band from Newcastle, UK. Previously known as Black Axe. (disbanded)

5) Wolf is a black metal outfit from Germany.

6) Wolf is the stagename of a demoscene musician, Maarten van Strien. He predominantly...

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Sky of Rage

In the autumn of 2009, two friends Tomas Fribergand Joachim Nordlund decided to form a band. They wrote a few more songs in the next couple of months, and started to fill in the position of a vocalist. Nordlund had earlier worked with a singer named Staffan Carlsson, but at that time, Carlsson used to perform rock vocals. When asked if he was interested and would be comfortable singing metal (clean and growls), he agreed to give it a go.

The three continued to write more songs, when Friberg recruited guitar player Jan Cederlund, with whom he had played earlier with other local bands.

The final piece to the puzzle was the bass player Mika Itäranta. He met Nordlund at a bar, and asked the drunk man if he was aware of ...

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Bear Bone Company