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Arnaldo Antunes (BR)

Arnaldo Antunes (Arnaldo Augusto Nora Antunes Filho) was born in 1960 in São Paulo, Brazil. He has been making music and videos, writing poetry, performing, presenting shows and interventions in other media since 1980. He was a member of the musical group Titãs from 1982 to 1992, and together they released 7 albums.

In 1993 he released NOME – CD + Video + Book, putting together a multimedia project which associated poetry, music and computer animation (produced with the partnership of Celia Catunda, Kiko Mistrorigo and Zaba Moreau). The video "Nome" was presented in several exhibits and festivals held in Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and Spain (received recommendation of the Jury at...

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Toumani Diabate (MA)

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Edgard Scandurra (BR)