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Myrah is the name of more than one artist:
1) Swedish Goth Metal band
2) a Psytrance producer (DJ)
3) Hip Hop and Techno

3) Tiago Mira aka Myrah was born in 1983 in Lisbon, Portugal, and began his music adventure ate the age of 15, mixing Hip Hop and Techno with vinyl, and playing in small parties. Few years later Tiago goes to his first trance party and immediately fell in love with the music´s sounds, melodies and all the feeling that it creates. Soon after that, tired of mixing other people´s music and desiring to do more than mixing, Tiago begins to get curious about sound production and gives his first steps in it in 2003. Later, he decides to attend a two years Sound Technician Course. During that t...

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The Mist of Avalon

Founded as a classic goth rock band back in the 90s, The Mist Of Avalon have built up quite a reputation during the last 15 years performing together with a. o. Tiamat, Funhouse, NFD and 69 Eyes. Now, after a recording hiatus of 10 years, the Swedish band present with “Dinya” their much-anticipated third album. Regarding their musical development, the band has successfully cast off any genre bonds.

The 12 new songs show an exceedingly varying range of various influences. Of course, some original goth elements can still be found at times as proven by e. g. the dark “Negri” being accompanied by heavy guitars. However, the band knows how to build up permanent tension throughout the whole album with boisterous up-tempo tracks (“Lo...

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Amy's Ashes

With a sultry mix of rock ‘n roll and electronica, Amy’s Ashes is aiming at YOUR heart!!

Aliz and Eric met as a model and photographer in late 2006, but instead of meeting to discuss photo ideas, they chatted about their biggest passion in life, MUSIC! The two quickly became friends and Aliz asked Eric to join his former band as a guitarist. They immediately realized that the music style they played back then was not what they wanted to play and they were not satisfied with the singer so they contacted Aram, from “The Mist of Avalon”. The three instantly clicked! They all had the same focus, talent, goals and taste in common. The other band members did not fit into their long term plans so Aram, Aliz and Eric left the band to ...

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