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There are two death metal bands called Verminous:
1. A Death metal band from Åhus, Sweden formed in 2002. Their lyrics focus on anti-religion, death, and aggression. They released Smell The Birth Of Death, a 7" limited to 518 copies released by Nuclear Winter records in 2003, it was released on CD in 2009. Their full length album Impious Sacrilege was released on CD by Xtreeme records in July 2003, and was reissued in 2013 with the vinyl bonus track and two new live tracks. In 2004, Blood Harvest records released the vinyl edition featuring a cover of Autopsy and is limited to 500 copies.
The band went on hiatus from 2004-2010 due to the hearing problems of Germaniac.
Their sophomore full length The Unholy Communion was re...

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